where is neko

sorry i haven't been around.

i'm in a new relationship which is taking up a lot of time.

i don't think i'll be back to ffxi for a while.

i may consider it later...

anyways thanks to everyone. if i decided to quit for sure i'll start sending my stuff out.


Engrish, the International Language

One of my LS friends was complainging about her JP party's inability to speak English, saying, "English is the international language, everyone should know it."

I've heard others say that everyone should learn Chinese, as it is the most widely spoken language with an estimated 1.3 billion speakers between all dialects.

However, in my experience, neither of these are the international language. The international language is Engrish.

I went on a tour of Eastern Europe a few years ago, starting at St. Petersburg. I took a Russian airliner from Seoul to save a few bucks, and on the flight I asked the flight attendent, "Can I get a cup of water?"

Of course, in English, phonetically this sounds like, "Canna gedda cuppa wadder?"

She didn't understand me, and pointed at a package of potato chips. My friend, who was born/raised in Korea, and was horrible at English, but great at Engrish, said,

"Wattaaah preeezuh."

The attendent bobbed her head and said, "Ohh, yesh. Waatttaaah."

Wadder is English.
Wattaaah is Engrish.

No one understands English.
Everyone understands Engrish. Engrish is the true international language.

Wyred - remember this when you go to Japan! Those crazy Japanese are masters of Engrish.

For tips on how to speak Engrish, there is a great learning resource here.


Momma needs some new shoes

The Wish List

hedgehog bomb
serket ring
healing staff
herald gaiters

dusk trousers
eurytos' bow

brutal earring
bomb queen ring
dusk gloves
boxer's mantle

all HQ staves
snow rings
AF2 hat
yigit crackows

brutal earring
shura haidate

There is not a lot left for me to do to monk, I guess the big ones are getting brutal earring and shura haidate. Shura Haidate would be used for WS only, but hopefully the strength would help me catch up to elvaan and galka monks. (Elvaan monk has +8 str over mithra, without merits)

I don't use ranger much, so it is a lower priority.

I'm satisfied with my white mage setup. Because cures cannot be resisted, there is little incentive to spend money on white mage beyond the two big cure potency items.

Ninja takes a long time to perfect, and I don't have the motivation/time. I would like to concentrate on the defensive/tanking aspects of ninja, and not really bother on an attack ninja build. I figure, if I would go as monk. Better to concentrate on one aspect, rather than be "jack of all trades, master of none."

That leaves my black mage, which is.... gimp. I actually am needed as black mage quite a bit, and right now I'm in dire need of at least Jupiter and Aquilos staves. I chose Yigit Crawkcows over Rostrum Pumps because I would rather stay away from hp > mp equip on black mage, it ruins my sorcerer's ring macro.

As far as my current merits go, I have:

3 hp
2 mp
2 str
8 hand-to-hand
4 evasion
4 enmity
4 critical
4 elemental magic skill
5 kick attacks

My planned merits for the future are:
cap elemental magic skill
cap thunder potency
cap hp
cap mp
cap strength
cap focus recast

The only one of these merits which is non-standard is focus recast -- most monks do kick attacks and counter. However, I never solo on monk, I'm always nin/whm to solo harder things, so counter doesn't do much good there. Also, in merit parties, I'm always mnk/nin. Finally, I want my monk to be purely offensive, and counter is in some aspects a defensive merit, while focus is offensive. For defense, I have ninja, for offensive, monk; and I don't want overlap.



P - yesterday i got a phone call, and
P - he told my parents that he probably is going to have a kid w
Me - wow
Me - congrats~
P - it's good but,
P - several things were moving so fast so.... w
ne - what are they going to name the kid? "onekomaru" is a great name! www
P - i'll be sure to tell my sister w

Do Not Eat. Take Care.
いあ ごめん
During my sky run
I was finally able to team up with the legendary taru team.
The taru team is
Very helpful
And totally reliable
And sturdy
And they smell good
And juicy...
And, like a freshly hand-crafted sausage they have a firm, chewy consistency....



non-hispanic white middle class suburban protestant linkshell looking for members

In Vanadiel

These days my posts have been dealing less and less with FFXI and more on anime, culture, etc.
Does this mean my interest in the game is waning?


However, at this moment, I have no immediate plans to quit, but I keep wondering if I did quit, who I would leave my stuff with...

Right now, I am basically using FFXI as a chat service, with which I keep contact with a handful of close friends. I figure $15 a month is a reasonable price to talk with friends.

The Battle of Kimchi versus the Hamburger

A few days ago, I was chatting in one of my social linkshells when the topic of interest-group linkshells came up. One member wanted to start a black LS. Another mentioned that there was a hispanic LS. One of the members, presumably white, posed the question why there were no white linkshells...

Good question.

Kenji Yoshino, who wrote the book "Covering" about race, minorities, and civil rights, is a professor of law at Yale University. He is also a gay Japanese-American, making him a minority amongst minorities. (Seriously, there are probably more dyslexic Jewish Marxist Native-Americans than there are gay Japanese-Americans)

In "Covering," Kenji relates how there is a "concensus to penalize minorities who refuse to downplay their differences." Racial minorities are pressured to "act white," and adopt white names, women in the workforce are encouraged to "play like men," and homosexuals told to act straight. Civil rights are accorded to those who cover their differences, their indentity, and conform.

A special-interest group offers haven from these pressures. When I was a board member for the Korean Student Association at a private college in California, I was in an environment where I felt kinship. In this group, Korean was the norm, the status quo. I could eat kimchi without roommates complaining about the smell. (Noone complains about fragrant hamburgers) There is a certain camaraderie in these groups that I think white Americans would have trouble understanding. In this setting, the minority becomes the majority, and you can be yourself. This is what drives minorities together, into neighborhoods, into groups, into linkshells.

So in the end, when my LS member asked why there are no white linkshells, and why minorities form their own LS's, I could have explained that it gives them a place to express their identity, without reproof. Or I could have explained,

"No one complains about hamburgers, but people complain about kimchi. A Korean linkshell would create a home for kimchi."

Kimchi, a traditional Korean dish. It consists of fermented Chinese cabbage with a spicy chili sauce. It emits a strong smell.


There is a postmodernist faction that believes race and ethnicity are social constructs, that these are not based on looks.

Vanadiel is evidence.

Even in an electronic realm where an asian mithra and a white mithra look alike, characters still ten to congregate on the basis of ethnicity.

"Covering" by Kenji Yoshino is a great book and I recommend that everyone read it.

More Hachikuro

Honey and Clover released two extra episodes with season one.

It is hilarious...

In Vanadiel...

He's a big one...


The "Clover" part in Honey and Clover comes from Suga Shikao's album, named Clover.

Apparently, the character design for Mayama was based of off Suga, and, they kind of look alike

Suga Shikao

Takumi Mayama

Season II Episode 8 is out~

Somehow, I don't think Suga is a stalker like Mayama is though.

If Miwako's voice sounds familiar, it is because...
Miwako's seiyuu also did:

Riza Hawkeye


don't judge a book by its cover


I downloaded an episode of Honey and Clover a while back, and was not impressed by character artwork so I didn't watch it.

A while later, so many people recommended it to me, so I decided to give it a try, and it has been the best, most moving anime I have seen.

I recommend it to people, even if they don't like anime.

There's no robots, no pokemon, no ninja alien schoolgirls, it's just a normal drama from relatively normal lives of college students.

The depth of human emotion and the accuracy of people's motives are amazing, and there are many times that I see myself in the characters.

The dialogue is poetic and Anbu-Solar did a wonderful job translating it. Some of the narration is reminiscent of author Natsume Souseki 夏目漱石, another of my favorites. (In episode 18 they make a brief allusion to one of Souseki's short stories in 夢十夜 - ten nights of dreams)

download first season here:

more information on the greatest series in the past 5 years:


Honey and Clover



Honey and Clover is the best anime I've seen in a long, long time.

Also, I knew Mayama's voice sounded familiar...

the seiyuu, Tomokazu Sugita, also did Kyon in Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi and Rin Tsuchimi in Shuffle


Tuuflessちゃん さよなら~

Tuufless will be leaving Vanadiel.

montage by tuufie:

In a game like this, when you quit, what you're left with is just memories -- there are no tangible rewards. Because memories are important, I try to take a lot of screenshots, but whenever someone quits, it never feels like enough...

various tuufie-pics:

i had taken a 2 month break for finals, when i got back, i was sure to /grin at tuufie

dragged along for a random ENM

help with moldy earring

sitting in ru'lude gardens

subligarconnection + truerune joint failure at ouryu

synthing a republic circlet (which i've sold since then orz)

trying to duo an enm

scene shortly after our deaths